Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Today Marks The End Of Hurricane Season

Hurricane Katrina 8-29-2005 at 1215Z. Photo courtesy of NOAA.

Today officially ends the six month long hurricane season. And quite a season it has been.

With a record number of named storms at 26 and 13 hurricanes, this hurricane season has been a costly one.

There have been seven major hurricanes this season, and of those hurricanes Katrina was the costliest, with reconstruction cost estimated to be around 200 billion dollars.

I'm sure no one in Pensacola Beach will forget what damage Hurricane Dennis did to the area when it made landfall on July 10, 2005. (For those interested, the complete history of Dennis can be found at the excellent Wikipedia site).

Some fear next hurricane season could be just as bad as the 2005
season was. Seems these things run in cycles. Let's hope the cycle has finally come to an end.