Sunday, July 10, 2005

Pensacola Beach General Mgr Talks About When People Will Be allowed On Island

The General Manager of Pensacola Beach (PB) was interviewed (Sunday night, 7-10-2005) on The Weather Channel and he stated that he thought everyone would be restricted from returning to Pensacola Beach for at least several days.

In my opinion, Buck Lee has done a great job of making himself available and providing timely information important to residents and business owners of Pensacola Beach.

The Pensacola News Journal website has more information concerning when residents will be allowed back on the island.

Here is a link to a community forum about Pensacola Beach. This forum is contributed to frequently by residents of PB with their thoughts and observations of life on the barrier island. Also would be a great place to discuss or found out about your favorite place in Pensacola Beach and the condition it is in after Hurricane Dennis made landfall.

The forum is provided generously by the