Tuesday, December 20, 2005

County Road 399 Unlikely To Open Until Late 2006

County Road 399 towards Navarre Beach, FL.
Photo courtesy of NOAA

The road leading to Pensacola Beach from Navarre Beach, County Road 399 seen above, will probably not be repaired until late 2006. The same could happen to Ft. Pickens Road, as the repairs for it are currently under the same schedule.

The Superintendent of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, Jerry Eubanks has stated that road design is expected to be completed by March 2006. After that repairs could take nearly eight months to be completed.

Estimated cost of repairing both Ft. Pickens Road and County Road 399 could possibly be upwards of an estimated $27 million.

Let's hope that the roads are opened sooner than is planned. Currently the only way to get to the Ft. Pickens area is by boat. Then again you could take a "day hike" by foot, like some of the more adventurous people in Pensacola Beach have :).