Monday, July 11, 2005

Partial List Of Areas Damaged By Hurricane Dennis

Here is a partial list of damages in the Pensacola Beach area. The Pensacola News Journal (PNJ) has produced an article and map of areas around Pensacola that were damaged by Hurricane Dennis.

The article and map from the PNJ can be found here. The map is viewable here.

Here is a brief list of damages:
  • Electricity, water and sewer services were damaged and are out.
  • Dennis damaged several condos at Emerald Isle.
  • Holiday Inn's roof is reported to be gone.
  • Power lines are down on Via de Luna in Pensacola Beach.
  • Hurricane Dennis removed the roof from Crabs We Got 'Em Restaurant.
  • The Dunes Hotel has new damage on it's East side.
  • The Jubilee Restaurant is reported to be "torn open".
  • The Paradise Bar and Grill has a wall with a large hole.
Also it appears that a section of Ft. Pickens Rd. was washed away by the Dennis.

This is not a full list of damages left by Hurricane Dennis.

In related news, Gov. Jeb Bush is promising rapid relief and less frustration in dealing with FEMA. See the Pensacola News Journal for the Bush comments.

Here is the FEMA web page with information on how to apply for disaster relief for individuals.