Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gulf Power Co. Estimates 95% Of Customers Will have Power Restored Within A Week

But that estimate does not include Santa Rosa Island.

The 242,000 customers who were left without power after Hurricane Dennis may see the light sooner than expected. Gulf Power Company estimates that 95% of those without power will have power restored within a week. Of course the weather has to cooperate.

It appears the Northwest Florida area will have good weather for at least the next couple of days, which I'm sure is good news for those without power and the workers who will be restoring it.

Gulf Power began restoring power to hospitals, sewer systems, and other emergency facilities as of late Monday. 27 of the 47 substations that had power knocked out have been restored.

Gulf Power Co. used airplanes and helicopters to assist them in assessing damages. Approximately 2,000 outside power workers arrived Monday and immediately began work restoring power. An additional 1,300 crews are expected to arrive and begin working today (Tuesday).

As many as 17,000 customers are expected to have had their power restored by late Monday night.

If you need to report that you are without power you can call Gulf Power Co. at 1-800-GU-POWER (487-6937).